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Written on 14.02.2018

PHP – class – proper method naming

Imagine you have a class class CRMViaProgramOrderCreator {  private $source;  }   You need to check the correspondence of the value of it to certain exact value.   So you create a method and it looks now like class CRMViaProgramOrderCreator {   private $source; /** * * @return bool */ public function getSourceXlsIs() { return $this->source == Order::SOURCE_EXCEL; } }   Pay attention to the name of the method. It’s named as getSourceXlsIs,  not getIsSourceXls and not getSourceXls. Such naming is very convenient in later usage of class. You put first the Read More

Written on 29.08.2017

Yii 2.0.3 Full class diagram

After playing for a long time with Codeigniter I touched Yii and was surprised how powerful and in the same time documented it was (unlike Laravel whose docs make me unhappy). I wanted to have a look at full diagram classes of  Yii but found nothing more or less decent so I generated them.

Written on 25.04.2015

Page autorefresh at source code changes

Did you get ever tired because of pressing all time F5 or Ctrl+R during the development cycle? It doesn’t take a lot of time to do it manually. But think how many times you did it per hour, per day, per week? Every time you want to see the effect of you changes you need to switch between browser and your favorite IDE by pressing Alt+Tab in the best case or by using mouse for it. This tedious process can be simplified and minimised by installing no additional software/dependencies.  Most Read More

Written on 21.03.2015