Docker – mysql – permanent databases

If you want your databases in docker to remain permanent then this post is for you. With docker you can save a lot of time what you would otherwise spend at setting up your working environment when you reinstall your OS,  when you change project or when you need to set up the same environment for one of your colleagues. The problem takes its origins from our volatile world. Libraries get changed, packages get updated. If you set up your project once on your computer successfully, this doesn’t mean that Read More

Written on 16.03.2017

Virtualbox Ubuntu 16.04 vdi images

I needed to have latest Ubuntu for testing purposes but didn’t find any available working images.  So I spent some time on creating them on my own: Ubuntu  16.04 VDI image + Guest additions   – login: admin2 , password: admin Ubuntu 16.04 VDI image No Guest additions – login: admin2 , password: admin Ubuntu 16.04 VDI  image + Guest addionst + last updates installed from 08.04.17  – login: admin2, password: admin  

Written on 23.04.2016

How to speed up Netbeans

We use Netbeans for web development. Last half of the year it  began to behave pretty slow on the bigger project. Most of machines have HDD with the speed 5400 rpm, i5 Core, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS  and in average 8 GB RAM. Cleaning the cache, changing OpenJDK to Oracle Java, updating version of Java to the last 8th version, reinstalling Netbeans, removing plugins – nothing gave a reasonable increase in the speed. I was going to give up and to choose the last resort – to buy SSD disk only to Read More

Written on 02.01.2016

Controlling the screen brightness in Lubuntu 14.04

Source code can be found at the following link PyBrightControll. Everything provided below is an explanation. After reinstalling my Lubuntu 14.04 I ran into a new kind of “surprise”. Keys for controlling the brightness stopped working. Well, I could see that pressing them made system to report about change but no real effect could be observed. Many articles stated that it happened because of the driver for video card and solutions were pretty vary. Eventually I came up the solution that offered to control the brightness by echoing the value to Read More

Written on 01.06.2015

Rhythmbox delete current song

Rhythmbox is a nifty and comfy music player for Linux. It’s set as default music player in Ubuntu and Fedora. Although Ubuntu a few years ago had switched to Banshee  in the next release they returned back to Rhythmbox to my great pleasure. This music player can manage pretty large music collections. For example on my Lubuntu 14.04 it handles successfully over 120 GB of music. It has many features but the most exiting one in my opinion is the ability to remove  the playing song with one press of Read More

Written on 18.04.2015